Sunday, 16 October 2011

A South Kensington Secret

The word 'private members club' can conjure many connotations, often dependent on age and location. In Fulham and Chelsea the word is thrown around more frequently and in some instances with careless regard. A couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be a plus one to the opening of one of the more exclusive 'private members club' openings in SW7. This sort of thing is not usually mine or Jess's cup of tea but I went with an open mind to gain an insight into how the other half live.


Dorsia, previously The Firehouse, is an exclusive restaurant come bar and nightclub in South Kensington where members have to pay a considerable fee annually to be permitted over the threshold. However, luckily for us civilians who aren't up there with the high rollers, we were allowed a sneak peak to see the transformation and makeover of this beautiful Georgian building. A reported 2.4 million was invested by owners Nick Andreen and Fraser Carruthers to transform Dorsia into a slick and mysterious, buzzing yet discreet hang out for those in the know in South West London.


The cocktail menu has been painstakingly crafted by Thomas Gillgren from Sketch and Fredrik Olsson from Chelsea's Kosmopol (who are both Directors of the Chelsea Academy of Bartending). This is just one example of the level of detail that has gone into the re-design of this historic venue. The decor and lighting scream high end opulence whilst blending effortlessly with cutting edge design features such as the elliptical-shaped onyx bar top.


Once I had pawed over the brand spanking new surroundings I realised the party was getting underway at lightning speed. The champagne flowed whilst the young and glamorous crowd, which unsurprisingly featured a spattering of cast members from Made in Chelsea, began to relax and party to the sounds of the uber cool female DJ. Just when my eyes couldn't get any wider, Kelis appeared as if by magic onto the terrace to perform a private set for the room, a wow factor that had even the coolest of guests impressed. In true Chelsea style the party knew no bounds or budget and was still in full swing until the very early hours. It wouldn't be my first port of call for a night out on the town, but every now and then a girl needs a bit of glamour in her life, and Dorsia does just that.

3 Cromwell Road, South Kensington, SW7 2HR

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