Monday, 1 April 2013

Boutique Beauty by Bishops Park

Beauty salons, hair dressers and grooming parlours in Fulham are bountiful and range from the uber posh to the uber basic, but I have never been to one that has really blown me away, excuse the pun! That was until I visited the newly opened La Durbin Boutique Salon on the Fulham Palace Road. Stepping into this old school hollywood glamour salon is like turning back the clock to a more sophisticated and indulgent era. The attention to detail with the decor is delightful and the atmosphere so inviting you feel instantly at home. 

La Durbin is not a production-line style salon, they are passionate about the experience as a whole, from the complimentary glass of champagne to relax you before you take to the chair to the plate of ferrero rocher chocolates waiting as you sit down. Spending time in this salon really celebrates the art of pampering, ensuring you leave feeling a million times more relaxed, glamorous and polished than when you arrived. 

The sound of laughter fills the vintage inspired room and the staff appear genuinely thrilled to be working there, this is no doubt testament to the owner Latifa's passion for creating a genuine and warm environment for the staff and customer. This was her dream and she has worked tirelessly to make it just so, it's paid off!  She has already built a database of loyal local clientele despite only having been open a few short weeks.

I opted for the Deluxe Blow Dry which was by far the best blow dry I have ever had, instead of leaving me with static fluffy hair which dropped ten minutes later my hair stylist lovingly tended to each strand, creating amazing volume. I was over the moon with the results and two glasses of champagne down began to feel a warm glow of girlie happiness. Once finished we were given ample time to finish our drinks and discuss the results, my sister and I felt like we could be at home it was so relaxing and fun in the salon, but alas 2013 awaited outside and our slice of hollywood glamour was soon gone, until next time...
0203 302 3973

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