Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Duo's Deep Tissue Experience

Just on the corner of the Fulham road is a fitness centre and spa unlike anything else SW6 has to offer.

Duo Chelsea has been open for a few years now, and offers personal training sessions (including a free trial) and a wealth of treatments to hundreds of Fulhamites in the surrounding area.

Blaze, my fabulous therapist for the afternoon, tells me that all sorts of celebs waft through their front doors - from pop stars to princesses, Duo's appointment book is star studded to say the least. In fact, I'm told that my deep tissue massage appointment meant that a rather well known food critic was denied his usual dose of r and r last Saturday, as muggins here had snapped up the last slot!

The deep tissue massage really is 'an experience' like no other. More accustomed to the lavender oils and lapping waves soundtracks of your traditional masseuse appointment, Blaze's opening gambit of 'how's your pain tolerance?' made it clear that Champneys, this ain't.

Designed to get the blood pumping through knotted muscle fibres to release tension and strains, deep tissue massages HURT. However, the pain is both oddly satisfying, and totally worthwhile once you've experienced the results.

Blaze dutifully kneaded away at my office battered shoulders for a good half hour, breaking down the knots and taking the tension out of the muscles until they'd eased.

Even though the treatment isn't as soothing as your average massage, the deep tissue massage was fantastic. Blaze spotted exactly the areas that required more work and tailored the treatment accordingly. Though the pressure is firm, the treatment is really relaxing, and I emerged feeling like the stresses and strains of a very busy few weeks hunched over a desk had been lifted.

Also on offer at Duo are a wide range of more traditional 'beauty' treatments, from facials to foot rubs.

But, if you want my advice, be bold - the deep tissue massage may feel a bit like going 6 rounds with Frank Bruno at times, but the after effects make it all worthwhile.

Watch this space for more on Duo and their personal training offering (which will almost certainly leave me in need of another massage...!)

Duo Chelsea
2a Gunter Grove, Chelsea, SW10 0UJ
0207 352 5399


  1. Wow! It was very good experience about deep tissue massage. Really i like it, Thanks for sharing this.

  2. old news: all or most of the benefits of massage,no matter what kind,is based on nervous system function...

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