Monday, 5 December 2011

Happy Birthday Gina Conway!

Unfortunately luxury hair salons are not places I frequent as much as I’d like to and so I was thrilled to pop along to the Gina Conway 10th Anniversary party last week. Jess and I are constantly being asked which are the best quality, value for money hairdressers in Fulham and so I am delighted to be able to recommend this one from experience.

Aveda goodies

I was fascinated to hear about Gina’s success story at the party, having relocated from San Francisco ten years ago she now has ‘Aveda Salons’ in Fulham, Chelsea, Wimbledon and Notting Hill. Working very closely with Aveda the salons not only integrate the ethical and botanical philosophy into the spa but also with all the hair treatments. Before the shampoo and trimming begins, every client undertakes a short ‘tarot card’ style reading, picking a symbol that appeals to them most before receiving an extremely indulgent head, neck and shoulder massage with the scent of their tarot choice. 


The stylish Fulham Road salon is no average hairdresser and considered design creates a spa like feel throughout. The basins are minimalist with free standing leg rests and candles, orchids and mini cacti adorn the waiting area, enhancing the botanical theme. Having ooh’d and ahh’d over the impressive display of Aveda goodies and tranquil spa area downstairs I settled into a styling chair, glass of wine in hand ready for the pampering to begin.

The lovely Fidel soon starting teasing my hair into sections whilst his very exciting and technologically advanced machine ‘The O’ instantly warmed up. The state of the art Velcro system that the ‘The O’ uses is essentially a very posh heater for rollers- heating each roller in seconds it’s an easy and very effective way to quickly create that just blowdried look. 
Fidel's five minute blow dry
Having arrived at the party somewhat bedraggled after a long day at work and football fan infested commute I felt considerably more glam and in the party spirit after Fidel had worked his magic, so much so that I booked a haircut on the spot for the following weekend. A raffle prize draw was held for local charity ‘Kids Company’ with prizes donated by Fulham neighbours PJ’s Bar and Grill, Emma Bridgewater, KeepFit Bootcamp and Vagabond Wines.


Fulhamites can  experience a taste of the Gina Conway luxury on all budgets, first time customers get £20 off their haircut (mine was a very reasonable £36) and this Christmas those who spend £50 or more on a gift voucher or Aveda Christmas gift box and receive a complimentary £10 gift voucher.

Gina Conway

612 Fulham Road London SW6 5RP
020 7731 7633

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