Monday, 11 April 2011

Ad Hoc Fashion Show with DV8 Fulham at Miss Qs

Ad Hoc is a bit of an institution around these parts. It's a fun, bold and brassy store in the midst of the King Road's usual fare of polished, designer and pared down boutiques. It sells everything from kooky fashion, to bright nail polishes, costume jewellery and a whole range of quirky gifts and accessories and it's been a real hive of activity ever since I can remember. So, although a lot of the clothes aren't exactly wardrobe staples of mine, the style has a distinctive attitude, and bags of it. I knew that the event with DV8 Fulham (a great new local magazine focusing on young Fulham) would be LOTS of fun.

I hadn't been to Miss Qs previously, and the venue is definitely a good one. Although the dance floor is TEENY TINY, there is a chilled out vibe, as the club boasts loads of seating areas based around all sorts of nooks and crannys and some pool tables which definitely change the feeling of the place. DV8 had arranged some great goody bags for us including nail polish and vouchers for Hari's Salon, and for drinks we sipped upon the specially-created Tanquer-8 cocktail: a delicious mix of Gin and Lychee.

The fashion show was a great success. The models looked like they were having loads of fun, and really pulled off the bold outfits. The girls sported huge fake eyelashes, and high ponytails with the ends dip-dyed in neon colours - a look I can only dream of emulating without looking like a total tit but looked brilliant. The male models wore a small repertoire of clothes - tighter than tight jeans in neon yellow or pink with a navy wife-beater with a Britannia theme, but somehow they managed to strut the catwalk and pull the look off with cheeky swagger. The girls showed off a mix of sequins, hot pants, neon tutus and lots of sheer layering. There were some leather fringed shorts in particular that I will be buying next time I hit the Kings Road, and some great sheer shirts that will probably find themselves worked into some (slightly more conservative) ensembles in my own wardrobe.

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  1. Thanks ladies for your write up from all of us at Ad Hoc London, we have posted a link on our facebook and will be blogging about you guys on our web, cheers ladies xx



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