Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This little piggy went to Fulham...

Readers of our blog will know how much we LOVE the Big Easy, and so it was with a slight feeling of disloyalty that I agreed to go to Bodeans for dinner last weekend. This very unassuming little place is tucked away by Fulham Broadway and has never really appealed to me if I’m honest. I felt somewhat stupid and very late to the party when I crossed the threshold, took in the strong smell of ribs and realised how popular, thriving and successful it is.


Themed to the max with all things US of A adorning every wall and surface, this BBQ smoke house is not one for veggies. Luckily I was with a Bodeans regular who insisted we ordered the platter and so was able to get the full fat experience. Dining with a boy I soon realised calories were out the window and I would have to go the full hog if I was going to make the most of the Bodeans experience. We opted for a Blue Moon beer to drink which was deliciously fruity and accompanied the glutinously sticky meat perfectly.

My friend insisted we order nachos to start, at which point my mental calorie counter started racing into the hundreds, followed by none other than the Bodeans' special meat platter. The meat was sweet and cooked well, falling off the bone and not fatty. The slaw wasn't as tasty as I’ve had before and it would have been nice if the meat had come with a couple of sides, considering the price.


The service was great and the atmosphere fun, although perhaps a little male heavy in the sex ratio! We had a particularly boisterous group of boys next to us who appeared to be having a meat-eating competition which proved very amusing people-watching. The live music and frozen margaritas at Big Easy still win my vote but Bodeans is definitely a winner for the boys.

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  1. As an American in London, Bodean's is a requirement when craving a taste of home once and while! Not the best but pretty darn good.



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