Friday, 11 March 2011

6 is the Lucky Number...

Chateau 6 has a notoriously bad reputation following one extremely unfortunate incident that took place a couple of years ago. However, in my opinion that reputation is long gone and Chateau 6 has come into its own, filling a key gap in the Fulham Broadway nightclub market. Embarking on yet another fun filled Friday night out with a handful of girls in tow I headed up the road from my flat to the Broadway suitably fuelled with white wine.

Having purchased a fantastic ‘deal’ on we had secured ‘free’ entry before 11pm and a ‘sex on the beach’ on arrival. We were not made to wait and found ourselves propping up the bar with our sugary delight in hand before we knew it. Chateau 6 is very conveniently located in the heart of Fulham Broadway and is leaps and bounds above its competitor watering holes. The staff were friendly, the dj was pumping out some absolute old school r+b classics and the drinks were that noticeable fraction cheaper than the kings road neighbours.

The layout of the club allows for drinking and chatting by the bar, space for shape throwing on the dancefloor and the holy grail; a heated smoking roof terrace. The club is not pretentious and doesn’t attract the ‘you’re not allowed to sit down unless you’ve spent £1000 on a table and buy 6 bottles of vodka’ crowd and so is engineered perfectly for a big group of girls, as we were. The majority of the other people were under 30 fulhamites who were looking to have a few drinks and a wholesome good time on a Friday night. This place is by no means edgy, trendy or suitable for the achingly hip Shoreditch crew, but for the cheesy good time girl Fulham crowd it hit the spot perfectly, and it’s stumbling distance home! It also does a good happy hour on a Thursday night if you fancy a cocktail post work on the way home.

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