Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Making it look too easy...

I love the Big Easy. I love the spicy guilt inducing glutinous US style food. I love the over the top shiny happy people service. I love the live band that belt out all your old school favourite rock and roll hits and I especially love the margaritas.

The Big Easy is a breath of fresh air amongst a string of overpriced personality free chain Chelsea restaurants on the Kings Road. It has its own personality and is not afraid to shout about it loud and clear-it is an institution. Advance reservations here are essential, at least 3 days for mid week and more for a weekend as this ‘joint’ is buzzing all the time. I have never been there when it hasn’t been full, loud and bursting at the seams. Upstairs is great for cocktails and dinner if you don’t want to be too disturbed by the band. Downstairs is great if you don’t mind being penned in like chickens (in a good way as the atmosphere is pretty electric) and enjoying the full force of the live music- as you can tell this is not the place if you want to be whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.
The service is brilliant- I have always been very well looked after and my most recent visit last week was no exception. Our waiter was so friendly and gauged right away that we were in no rush and wanted to savour the evening and our wine. We ordered shrimp and calamari to start, both served with delicious spicy dipping sauces and as you can predict BIG portions. Mains constituted of one ‘surf and turf’ and I had the chicken fajitas- both were truly decadent and sumptuous. My sizzling fajitas were packed with spice and flavour, merging cheese and chilli in perfect quantities resulting in a total melt in the mouth experience. I had died and gone to heaven, not to mention I was 3 glasses of white wine in by this point and those euphoric opening chords to the Eagles Hotel California had just begun....

Honestly if you want to escape the grey drizzle, the commute, the fatigue and the boredom that can occur from time to time while working in London go to the Big Easy- it is like going on holiday for a couple of hours. Lose your inhibitions, let your hair down and wear elasticised trousers. They also do daily deals and offers making a mid week supper more affordable than most.

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