Thursday, 19 May 2011

Cocktail Hour at Beaufort House

After all the champagne and nibbles and the fabulous Bluebird event last week, we weren't too keen to head home right away and decided to head off for a quick cocktail with the guys from (have a read, it's great).

Sarah had been to Beaufort House "about a million" times before, but amazingly enough I'd never stepped inside. However, this place has always been on my radar - in my younger years I used to make an almost daily pilgrimage from Wandsworth to Chelsea on the mighty 319 bus route (oh yes, those were the days) which turns onto the Kings Road off Beaufort Street. Beaufort House has always been sat there proudly, and temptingly, on the corner - a real Kings Road institution.

So buoyed on champagne, off we trotted for a quick drink. I wasn't disappointed with the cocktail menu - it was extensive and my Raspberry Collins was really delicious, zingy and refreshing. The decor is pretty classic and elegant. However some of the tables were a bit small and the chairs a bit hard for my liking - and being a bit of a theme-obsessive I tend to go for bars with slightly more outlandish decor. The bar excepted (it's a big, glossy, silver wonder) BH plays it quite safe. But Beaufort House doesn't target the yoofs that would be attracted to the likes of Public (or anywhere with a colour scheme just shy of tacky - my favourite!). It is a members club more often frequented by more monied, slightly older types (not old old, but approaching middle age old) and there is a simple elegance and classic charm to the place. That said, it apparently hosted the cast of Made in Chelsea for their viewing party of the second series, so perhaps it is targetting the younger market after all!

Anyway, fab cocktail, fun times. I'd recommend you all to try it out yourself.

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