Sunday, 17 July 2011

SW6 Pub Grub at its best

Most people do not stumble across the Pelican pub, they know it’s there through recommendation. Tucked discreetly between the throngs of commuters, gym bunnies and shoppers at Fulham Broadway and the braying sloanes of the Kings Road, the crowd is reflective of this cross section of SW6. There are the regulars sipping pints quietly at the bar, the sloane rangers enjoying G+T’s, blonde hair flicking and marlborough lights outside and a handful of fulhamites enjoying supper inside. We slotted into the fulhamites having supper group and so having grabbed a delicious bottle of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc we began to unwind while debating between various mouthwatering dishes on the menu.

The Pelican is no frills delicious food at its best, there is no fuss or pretense and it is definitely not a swanky eye poppingly expensive ‘gastropub’ serving ‘Modern European’ cuisine. The Pelican offers a diverse menu, HUGE portions, very friendly service and an easy place to relax after a long day, it’s also very reasonable- something of a rarity in SW6 sometimes. We decided to go for 3 courses (when do we ever not...) and so I opted for a caramelized onion bruschetta to start and my boyfriend had the goats cheese salad, we nearly choked on the rapidly disappearing Sauvignon when they arrived! I will let the pictures speak volumes when I say the portions are generous, luckily my boyfriend is a 6 foot 4 keen rugby player and had an excuse, sadly I had been sat on my bum all day in the office and somewhat less of excuse but hey, all in the name of research.
Both the starters were fresh, delicious and thoroughly enjoyed- my boyfriend, somewhat bemused by the process of having to scrutinize and discuss everything after we had eaten it gave his a 10 out of 10! Having accepted it was going to be a gluttonous evening and maybe we could go to the gym tomorrow (yeh right) I opted for a chicken, pesto and rocket tagliatelle. Boyf decided to assert his masculinity following a rather feminine starter choice of goats cheese salad and ordered the steak and chips. Again, much eye bulging and belt loosening ensued when the main courses arrived and I thanked my lucky stars I was with my boyfriend who could at least help me out when I pathetically managed half of my pasta. This bowl of pasta was really what dreams are made of, Peter, the delightful owner of the Pelican and his chef have clearly never heard of no carbs before marbs. With a little help from boyf both plates were licked clean and miraculously before we knew it the wine bottle was empty (never understand how this happens) and so there was only one thing left to do...order melting chocolate cake obviously.


So with the calorie count exceeding the 1,000 mark each we thought we better be sensible and share a pudding. Without a doubt we picked the best one, again the picture really can speak for itself; warm, melting, gooey, sweet, rich heaven- surely this would be worth 40 minutes pounding the treadmill tomorrow morning? Kate Moss says that nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels, I defy her to eat that chocolate cake and stick to her was as if the gates of chocolate heaven themselves had opened and invited me to a sweet land of the forbidden....anyway I’ll stop, you get the point, the chocolate cake was really good. It was a wonderful dinner, the prices are reasonable and the service is faultless- another great find in SW6 that is feasible at the end as well as the beginning of the month. 

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