Friday, 15 July 2011

Lovin' brunch at Love Walk

When I'm hungover, I'm not really much of an eater. There are some people who simply have to devour a Full English before they can get on with their day, but for me, the grease and the smell and the cheap variants of ketchup really churn the stomach and a venture to a greasy spoon is more likely to leave me bedridden than rejuvenated.

Hence, I'm not usually much of a brunch person. No matter how many of my friends wheedle away about they could "murder" a bacon sandwich - I tend to skip the part where they all consume around four pounds of Asda's cheapest bacon whilst rehashing the night before, and stay in with a piece of dry toast (yes, really!)

So last weekend, the one plus side of a night that just wasn't as crazy as planned, was that I woke up on Sunday fresh as a daisy and just craving brunch. As in really desperate for some coffee, some carbs and something god darn substantial.

There are tonnes of options around Fulham Broadway, but in the name of research (and blogging!) we decided to hit somewhere new, preferably with some outdoor seating to enjoy the sunshine, and settled upon Love Walk, hidden away from the main road on Jerdan Place. I admit, I only ever really venture beyond the Broadway towards West Ken when I want to hit the North End Road Market (a new favourite past time of mine!) and I only knew about this place because I use Jerdan Place as a cut through.

But it's really cute. Set in a small premises, an adjoining yard, and sprawling over plenty of pavement place, this little brunch and lunch spot has loads of outdoor seating, pretty nice wooden table and chair sets, hanging baskets galore and a brunch menu that goes on and on.

I must admit, this is where the spirit of adventure ends, as I plumped for an Eggs Florentine (with extra mushrooms) whilst the boy went for Eggs Royale, washed down with a 'large' cappuccino that would have kept a small army caffeinated for several hours (seriously - HUGE). Both dishes were really well done, though one of my eggs wasn't quite as runny as I might have liked. The hollandaise was of the perfect consistency, with just the right tinge of lemon. Thankfully, the portion sizes were a little smaller than we might have feared, having seen the size of the coffee! I felt really satisfied without having to wonder how I'd roll off my chair.

The menu is really great. There are all your traditional breakfast options (eggs done every which way, Full English, Veggie English, pattiseries, yoghurt and muesli etc...) as well as some more unusual options like the 'Turkish Breakfast'. You could go there with a whole gang of fussy eaters and I reckon everyone would leave pretty happy. And with the sun beaming down, my favourite breakfast inside me, and the gentle buzz of the Broadway around me, I was pretty happy bunny myself!

Love Walk,
Jerdan Place, Fulham Broadway.

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