Monday, 25 July 2011

Made, Born, and Bred in Chelsea

When Made in Chelsea came into our lives earlier this year it began like your typical rollercoaster journey; there was apprehension, dread, fear, extreme regret but then came the highs, the adrenalin rush and that buzz which led to waking up on a Monday morning with a strange feeling of excitement, why? Oh god we were hooked and counting down the hours until 10pm when we could revel, laugh and cringe at the cast of these fortunate fulhamites. Jess and I were lucky enough to have already met these glamorous girls and boys who ruled our television schedule whilst we were reviewing JuJu for DV8 magazine (review here). They were shooting a feature for Grazia and mingled around the bar with their producers demolishing the free drinks in a hive of sloaney frisson.


Anyway cue three months later and decide to not only host their Summer party at this sexy venue, they invite one of the more genuine members of the MIC cast to perform-an invite not to turn down! With girlfriends in toe we headed down to the Kings Road last Wednesday evening to enjoy the impressive vocal range of Gabriella Ellis whilst rubbing shoulders with some of her friends from the show. Christian, the manager of JuJu, knocked up a constant flow of porn star martinis which were as delicious as ever, even if some emergency dentist appointments may have been needed afterwards. Luckily Jess and I are both posses sweet teeth!


After filling up on cocktails, all in the name of research, it was time to put on our X Factor panel hats and watch Gabriella do her thing. Now I don’t claim to be Simon Cowell but I thought Gabriella’s performance was entertaining and more importantly authentic. Her passion for singing and songwriting was evident and in particular her own song Fight was powerful and spine tinglingly emotive. You cannot deny that she has a great voice and working with what I can imagine must have been quite a tough crowd, Gabriella performed with gusto whipping us into the party mood. Thank you and Juju for an evening that would be fit for any Chelsea girl, ‘famous’ or not.
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