Friday, 9 March 2012

Viva Wandsworth Bridge Road

With a few new openings and sadly a few closures on Wandsworth Bridge Road we have decided to give you a run down of the BEST of the South West, a selection of places to eat, drink, be merry or be healthy on your doorstep. Without these places we would be surrounded by Tesco and Pizza Express so it is so worth showing them some support, despite the tough financial times. We are always looking for new places to try so if you think we have omitted a crucial must-see on this villagey road please let us know!

Il Pagliaccio

An old favourite sure to bring a smile to the grumpiest of faces-when you walk through those lurid red doors after a grey rainy day having crawled through traffic on a smelly 22 bus, there is no question that you will leave with a big smile on your face :)

The staff are hilarious, whether it's your first or 100th visit you are treated like an old friend, promptly offered a drink and some delicious oven baked garlic bed. The menu is diverse, offering authentic and tasty Italian dishes- the parma ham chilli pizza is seriously warming after a cold day.

Karma Wellbeing

This is a real SW6 secret, tucked away high above the hubbub in a sweet little treatment room on the top floor of Karma’s Wandsworth Bridge Road practice, Jess and I sampled a full body massage as well as an Ayurvedic leg and foot massage known as Kansa Vatki. Both were incredibly relaxing and for those of you who take an interest, Ellie has both a fascinating story and a vast amount of knowledge about the different treatment philosophies she practices.


If you’d like to sample some of Ellie’s holistic magic for yourself, we’ve teamed up with Karma Wellbeing to offer SouthWestSix readers 50% off a Swedish Massage treatment (usually £50) at their Wandsworth Bridge Road treatment rooms. All you need to do is contact them at and quote ‘SouthWestSix’ when you make your booking. The offer is valid until March 20th 2012 and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Boma, meaning ‘a safe enclosure’ is a much loved local restaurant come bar on Wandsworth Bridge Road. It offers a fantastic breakfast/brunch as well as a sophisticated but laid back dinner atmosphere.

Boma by night is an ideal date spot, when we visited the room was filled with couples enjoying the relaxed candlelit atmosphere and the back room in particular is very private. The jovial atmosphere also lends itself well to birthday parties, striking the balance between special occasion yet let your hair down a group birthday dinner would undoubtedly revel in this safe enclosure.The cocktails are well worth checking out too. 

The latest opening on Wandsworth Bridge Road; the very cool and contemporary ‘ThaiPhoon’. Launched by a charming couple, Max and Pye, this Thai restaurant is part of a new generation of Asian dining. Gone is the cat strangling pan piped soundtrack, the bladder bursting water feature and the fogged up fish tank- Max and Pye have kept it simple, combining exotic Asian colours and prints with minimalist warehouse chic furniture.

The delicious food was the perfect combination of spicy and sweet, the thai flavours were warming and satisfying and we felt very full, fat and happy. Max and Pye have done a great job with the decor, service, menu and branding of this place- it’s unique yet authentic and fun yet delicious.

This fab restaurant has great reviews and a fantastic location on Wandsworth Bridge Road, with an outdoor bamboo covered garden at the front! (Love anything novelty). The staff are as charming as they are authentic and you will always receive a warm welcome.

The Greedy Buddha converted me to Nepalese food- I could eat variations of their menu for weeks happily, although one dinner left us both feeling like very greedy buddhas, it's worth having a small lunch before you visit!

Beauty run down

As a self confessed beauty addict here are my top tips for the girls seeking hair beauty and all things pampering on Wandsworth Bridge Road

They are the best of the bunch, cheap, speedy and efficient with a good selection of polishes and massage chairs, this is the best spot for a mani/pedi. 

WAXING-- SoThai Spa
This is one of the most luxurious waxing experiences in SW6 which won't break the bank. Proper treatment rooms with skilled and friendly staff, So Thai Spa strikes the perfect balance between grotty cheap as chips and super expensive 'Strip' style- a very happy medium! 

Owned by a delightful woman, this hair salon is truly fantastic. Great care is taken into getting to know you and what it is you really want- personalized service is key here. There is no Headmasters style production line and you receive all the pampering touches including a heavenly head massage. They also do a great blow dry. 


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