Saturday, 10 November 2012

Back to Wax

Having abandoned waxing in my impoverished, straight-out-of-uni days in favour of chronically slow, painful but, most importantly, cheap hair removal with my not-so-trusty Braun epilator, I had long been on the look-out for an inexpensive wax bar in Fulham. There are loads of flashy options out there, but the prices always far exceeded what I had been used to paying at my small-city university (isn’t it always the way) and I’m afraid I balked at paying £40 at more for a leg wax when I knew I could do it for free, if painfully and imperfectly, at home.


But home hair removal is a pain, isn’t it? The wax strips don’t work, epilation is painful (and patchy), and shaving and veet creams are just too short-term. Going to a salon is quick, easy and despite the pain you feel like you’re being pampered, and when you get into a good natter with the beautician time just flies. I was reminded of all the beauties of salon waxing when I visited the Wax Bar Fulham last week. 

Haseena, the warm and chatty beautician, has been practising around Fulham for almost a decade and a few months ago set up her cosy salon on Jerdan Place. Tucked away above a male grooming parlour, stepping off the cobbles it’s a mini sanctuary from the bustle of daily life. A real wax enthusiast - Haseena also teaches beauty students locally, so she’s a bit of an expert – my legs were as bald (and soft) as a baby’s bottom before I knew it. The environment was warm, clean and cosy and Haseena is incredibly easy to get along with, as well as being very professional. She makes sure you’re comfortable, gives you lots of friendly advice on aftercare and generally makes you feel pampered. Wax Bar Fulham also offers eyelash and eyebrow tints, so Haseena can cover many of your beauty needs in one appointment.


Best of all, the prices are incredibly reasonable – a full leg wax is just £25 – and for SouthWestSix readers your first appointment is 25% cheaper again! Just quote the code SW601 when you make your booking. For a full price list visit

Wax Bar Fulham
1st Floor
19 Jerdan Place
London SW6 1BE
To make a booking you can get Haseena’s contact details here.

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