Friday, 23 November 2012

Absolute Pilates in Parsons Green

There are a wealth of fitness fads in SW6 where you can try to beat the bulge, whether you are a bikram yogi or powerplate princess there is so much choice it's hard to know where to begin. Pilates is something that I have always loved and one of the few exercises I actually enjoy and look forward to, however it's not the most instantly effective method and requires patience and lots of practice. 

I was apprehensive about trying Absolute Pilates in Parsons Green as one previous session elsewhere with a reformer had left me sore and unable to sit down for days, however the boutique little studio on Heathman's Lane soon became my regular post work pit stop. The studio has a spa like quality with a comfortable lounge area, glossy magazines and relaxed atmosphere. The staff and other members were really friendly and welcoming which made a refreshing change to some of the other die hard 'clubby' feel places in the area. 

I started with the beginners sessions and was really impressed by Tom the instructor, he was gentle and calming, always eager to help in a non patronizing way and really explained the ethos and practice behind pilates on reformers. This ranged from the 'wide' breathing to the importance of protecting our muscles and backs in every day movements. 

Having grasped the basic concept I attended an intermediate class and was instantly taken aback by how hard it was, but how slim and toned everyone else in the class was (always a good sign). The range of movements were extremely testing and before long I was sweating and my muscles shaking from a series of planks and squats on the reformer. It was then I realised why all the other people in the class were in such good shape, it's a real workout! Luckily for me the instructor of this class was not only embarrassingly attractive but also very helpful and discreetly helped me where needed without making me feel like a fitness fraud.

I stick by my statement that Pilates is one of the only forms of exercise I actively look forward to and Absolute Pilates is no exception, it's the perfect combination of stretching, toning, fat burning and relaxing. They also offer spinning classes, private sessions and massage - all tucked away in peaceful Parsons Green.They offer a free trial session so book in to a beginners class and see what you think! 
020 7731 3704

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