Monday, 12 November 2012

Murder in Notting Hill

All Hallow’s eve seemed like an appropriate time to travel back in time to solve a mystery decades old. So, whilst most people were downing cocktails and  dressing up as sexy pumpkins, Jimmy Saville and a host of other ghoulish things, the ARP of Notting Hill and Knighstbridge took to their trusty steeds (by which I mean their bikes) and set off into the cold night with murder on our minds.

                The guys at Bikeminded teamed up with the fantastically innovative Exquisite Folly once again to take us on a cycle tour of Notting Hill with a spooky twist. Transported back into wartime London, we were interrupted on one of our air-raid rounds by an Inspector and his bumbling sidekick. Much to the annoyance of our lead warden we were invited to the scenes of three mysterious deaths, all of which had mysterious parallels. Why was a patriotic pensioner found shot dead at the bottom of the canal by Kensal town? How did a young volunteer find herself crushed beneath the buildings at St Charles hospital? Why did the wounds found on a beautiful car crash victim not much the events of the accident? Why on earth were they all carrying cyanide capsules and just what ghoulish spirit inhabits the old war rooms at the Tabernacle?

                The cycle tour was entertaining, interesting and as always, highly innovative. Exquisite Folly has a very small cast who also had to try travel with us from location to location, all the while maintaining their characters, ensuring our safety and battling traffic, all of which they did admirably. The story was engaging and perfectly constructed to make use of local landmarks and the conditions of the season (bitingly cold!) Goodness knows how much meticulous organisation went on behind the scenes to make it happen but Bikeminded pulled it off again – a fabulous concept and a great way to get people into cycling.

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