Monday, 20 May 2013

Start the Transition

TRX. HIIT. What the ****?

Sarah and I will try most things in the spirit of getting fit losing weight, so when we got an invite from the lovely Claire at Transition Zone to find out what on earth these mysterious acronyms were all about, we leapt at the opportunity.

The brainnchild of Claire Finlay, a bubbly and expert trainer with over a decade's PT experience under her belt, Transition Zone is a Fulham gym with a difference. Set in a light and airy space on Sulivan Road, Claire encourages her clients to mix up their workout through a series of 30-55 minute classes, most based on the principle of high intensity interval training. Based on the oh-so-true insight that most of use tire of the same old workout routine (how many times have you heard that same spinning soundtrack?) and consequently let ourselves slip, Claire has devised a range of classes to challenge you and keep you on your toes (and off them!) and let you get the same results in just half an hour as you would having spent an hour bored silly on the X trainer. What's more, all the classes are in small groups (3-4 maximum) so you really reap the benefits
of the extra level of personal attention.

Transition Zone offers Power Plate, boxing, dynamic yoga, Pilates chair, personal training and the mysterious TRX - and Claire promises she's got plenty in the pipeline to keep her clients' workouts interesting. In for a penny, in for a pound, Sarah and I opted for the intriguing TRX/yoga fusion. Claire specialises in a dynamic style of yoga that really gets into you moving, stretching deeper and working those muscles. Being a fan of bikram and power yoga, I appreciated the more active style - you get the best of both worlds: feeling a little more limber AND like you're torching some calories. It's in situations like these, too, when the small class sizes really come into play. As you move from posture to posture quite quickly, it's essential that someone is able to keep an eye and spot check your postures to ensure you're getting the most out of the workout and not doing yourself any damage.

Half an hour, and just a small amount of perspiration later, we moved onto the TRX portion of the class. So, it turns out TRX is a suspension-style workout performed with a series of straps attached to a large metal frame. Battling against our bodyweights, Claire had us squat, stretch, dip, balance and bounce. With the focus on core strength, stability and flexibility this workout seriously packs a punch but the focus is very much on long and lean rather than bulky - plus, turns out throwing yourself around using a suspension system, lots of straps and the force of gravity is pretty fun!

Our session made Sarah and I (committed monotonous runners and spinners both) really think again about the way we exercised, and Claire is full of handy hints and advice, coupled with a deep and genuine passion for fitness. Transition Zone offers a fresh take on training, and offers something quite unique for the area - I'm sure it will be making plenty of other Fulham exercise zombies rethink their workouts over the coming months too.

If you'd like to try out Transition Zone for yourself, why not take advantage of the 10 day TRI? For just £50 you can try out unlimited classes for 10 days. Alternatively, all evening classes are currently just £15. You can book online here.

Transition Zone
Broomhouse Studios
Unit 1, 50 Sulivan Road
London SW 6 3DX

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