Sunday, 15 September 2013

Girls that Glo...

Fulham is awash with nail bars and beauty salons, so many so that sometimes it's hard to know which are worth the money and which are better for a cheap and cheerful splash and dash (For nails that is, when it comes to waxing don't scrimp, what doesn't sting your wallet will sting you). 

Glo Fulham is constantly getting rave reviews on twitter from locals and die hard fans who travel from far and wide. It's the favourite choice of many a Made in Chelsea star and despite being opposite my flat I was yet to enter it's happy shiny doors until last week. It's always comforting going somewhere where the other customers not only seem jovial and relaxed but also on first name terms with the owners, I instantly felt at ease and eagerly anticipated my mani/pedi. 

I would describe my experience at Glo like a gin a tonic, it was reliable, gave me the fix I was after quickly and efficiently and didn't leave any nasty surprises. The added je ne sais quoi from my usual nail bar was the friendly and personable service, the hour was peppered with interesting and jolly conversation with a woman who didn't seem like she was ready to jump under the next 14 bus at any minute, which made for a refreshing change. 

I can see why this place is so popular, it's like going round a girlfriends house, yet being pampered - now only if they included a gin and tonic then it really would be perfect...

760 Fulham Rd
020 7731 6111

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