Thursday, 30 June 2011

Dancing till Dawn to the sounds of DJ Dan Browne

If you have been on a dance floor in West London and felt that euphoric elation as song after song and remix after remix is played, each infinitely better than last, you were probably listening to Dan Browne. Dan Browne has the ability to blend the most contemporary remixes with sublimely infectious beats and mould any dance floor into a hub of activity, electric with energy. Combine Dan’s X factor with what is arguably the most established and well loved nightclub in West London and an instant recipe for success is formed.
We jumped at the chance to head to W8 and sample some of Dan’s magic in the luxurious and sexy surroundings of Kensington Roof Gardens last weekend. No other club suits a summers evening better and following a hot London day it was the coolest place to be in London that night, in both senses of the word. Kensington Roof Gardens is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this month, an impressive feat in London; a city known for having a high turnover of re-branding and ever changing faces in terms of nightlife. Is it Crazy Larrys, is it Public, Mamalanji,’s sometimes difficult for an SW6 girl to keep up on where she needs to be. However, Roof Gardens has always been a reliable constant and with the injection of Dan’s expertise it just raised its game again.
With 2 girlfriends in tow, Jess and I spent the evening glued to the heaving dance floor like sweaty drug addicts getting our fix. Every time we felt the need for some fresh rooftop garden air another inspired remix of a chart topping anthem would come on, enhanced brilliantly by Russ Cowie’s proficiency on the drums. We eventually succumbed and accepted that even if we should leave the dancefloor to avoid severe dehydration, we didn’t want to because we were having the time of our lives. As a double act Russ and Dan worked the crowd like Richard Branson himself working another business deal...Branson may own the club but the boys undoubtedly owned the night.
Another reason why we champion Dan is that he is a SW6 local and loves all things Fulham. We grilled him not only about his life as a super cool DJ but also about his existence as a Fulhamite and were surprised with some of the responses:

What inspired you to start DJing?
Ha ha everybody always asks this question. Music aside. The honest truth was when I was 15 I thought it would make me cool. Everybody needs a DJ at a party and it was the perfect way to avoid ever having to expose the fact that I was an awful dancer. No one judges a DJ on his dance moves.
Which other DJ's in the industry do you respect/love?
I'm a massive fan of Pete Tong. I always listen to his R1 show on a Friday. (well normally on demand, during the week because of work) A true pioneer of new music.
Why do you like DJing at Roof Gardens?
Roof Gardens is like no other club in London for obvious reasons. Over the past year the management and promoters have worked hard to get a really cool crowd in each week, which makes for a great party and in turn gives the club an amazing energy! In fact I'm struggling to think of a night I haven't enjoyed working there. I guess that’s why it’s been around for 30 years.
How much do you adapt your set throughout the night depending on the atmosphere/crowd response?
My set is constantly changing as new tunes come out and old ones get over played. It's the same on the night. I work really hard to keep my set sounding fresh with new tunes and remixes. Sometimes things you think are going to work don't and you have to flip the set to keep the party going. That’s all part of reading the crowd.
Where do you love to eat out locally?
I love Sophie’s steak house on the Fulham Rd, you just can't beat it! I am also really looking forward to having dinner at Megans next week, I hear the food is amazing. And if your ever looking for a good curry in SW6 KishMish on Fulham Broadway is delicious.
What's your favourite SW6 spot to relax during your down time?
Eclipse in South Ken is great little bar. Amazing cocktails and really great atmosphere. The bar tenders are incredible and will make up drinks on the spot if you tell them what flavours you like.

Check out Dan’s latest mix here:

And more information about him here:

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