Monday, 13 June 2011

The Princess of Fulham, move over Kate

Royal fever seems to have revved up a notch since the big wedding and every time I open a newspaper there are birthdays, parades and Garter Day Celebrations splashed across the pages with images of Kate Middleton looking gorgeous, elegant and poised in a variation of headgear.

Jess and I decided one morning while pottering around the Fulham Palace Road Garden centre (review here) that we would see the renovations that had been occurring  further down Bishop’s Avenue at the actual ‘Fulham Palace’.

This stately Palace fell into the hands of Hammersmith and Fulham Council and the Fulham Palace Trust when the Bishops ‘moved out’ so to speak in 1975. Apparently I was pushed around the beautiful grounds by my dad as a newborn baby while I was wailing and mum needed a break but unfortunately I have no recollection of this beautiful building and estate. The building itself is like a mini Hampton Court Palace accessible via a bridge over the moat and is set in a combination of landscaped grounds and woodland.  

The council and trust are claiming that “Fulham Palace will be known to all, available to all and loved by all who use it. It will be a special and distinctive place for pleasure and education.” From the mere 20 minutes we spent poking around we discovered a lovely art gallery, a sophisticated restaurant and a beautiful garden and lawn with a BBQ and families enjoying the sunshine.

It really is a very unique and charming sanctuary in the heart of bustling Fulham which by all accounts will only continue to improve. I probably shouldn’t say this for fear of boyfriend panic and meltdown but both Jess and I left saying what a wonderful place it would be to get married! We felt quite the Fulham Princesses in the cobbled courtyard and were enchanted, now only to find Prince Charming who also happens to be an SW6 enthusiast..... 

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