Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sussing out the scene...

There have been various incarnations of The Worlds End Distillery building over the years, many of which have failed to engage the local clientele for whatever reason. Perched precariously on the edge of the Worlds End estate the location of this historic building is less desirable than other parts of the Kings Road, a fact which perhaps has led to its failure to retain a consistent brand. 

Anyway, out with the old and in with the new, First Restaurant Group has taken over the management and devised a multi themed venue in which there is ‘The Scene’, ‘The Summerhouse’ and ‘The Cellar’.
Considering Jess and I are somewhat partial to a theme, usually the naffer the better, I jumped at the opportunity to head down there last week with a friend and sample the kitsch American diner style ground floor restaurant ‘The Scene’. The d├ęcor is very Miami vice meets Ed’s diner and the walls are embellished with plasma tv screens playing 1980’s gangster films and black and white Hollywood portraits. We were greeted like old friends by the energetic manager and were delighted to hear that it was ‘Wine Wednesdays’ which meant that our bottle of wine was half price. This is one of many offers and happy hours they promote at ‘The Scene’, the best definitely being a giant size cocktail glass that is filled with your favourite cocktail for only £16 during happy hour (pre drinks anyone?).

We decided to share the chicken wings to start, a dish that was gluttonously satisfying but perhaps not one I would recommend for a date, my friend politely ignored the sticky BBQ sauce that was smothered on my face and hands. 
Children’s tea time over we decided to return to the simple American menu and try a traditional cheese burger and crispy chicken taco salad for the main courses. My salad was good and had a simple yet fresh selection of ingredients, however they had not been blended together and tossed which I would have preferred. My friend said his burger was compact yet delicious and I can vouch for the chips being pretty fantastic too. We were content with our choices and had minimal food envy, bar the chips.

The Scene for me is an easy and convenient fail safe mid week supper venue with friendly and fun service. The prices are typical of the Kings Road but if you plan your visit around the various offers and happy hours you can eat and drink more reasonably, we were also told they do excellent offers on top table too. I am keen to return as the building also has two very different venues, The Summer House upstairs which resembles a Hamptons country club and The Cellar downstairs which is a speakeasy style wine cellar for private parties.

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  1. Wasn't sure about this place, but the BBQ wings may have swayed me! Nice post!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it.... spot of BBQ anything usually sways me!!



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