Friday, 16 September 2011

King of the Wing

Last Wednesday Jess and I could not resist the temptation to head to one of our favourites, The Jam Tree, to witness their highly anticipated and much tweeted ‘King of the Wing’ contest. The name of the game was to get through the various heats by consuming vast quantities of spicy chicken wings whilst being timed and adjudicated.

The contestants ranged from a petite princess Jasmine lookalike to some pretty hot guys, who sadly became more hot literally but less hot figuratively as the evening wore on. The garden was filled with spectators and what I suppose can only be described as supporters, having never realised how competitive chicken wing contents became my eyes were opened to what people will do for a £500 bar tab. It was thoroughly entertaining and will only become more so at the final next Thursday at 8pm, I just dread to think how those poor contestant’s tummies were after this week.

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