Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Single in SW6

Having recently re-entered the world of singledom again, conveniently at the same time as a couple of friends, I have emerged bleary eyed from my three weeks of Bridget Jones indulgence to get back in the game. Chivvied on by numerous girlfriends and colleagues I realised that it was no longer acceptable to be chain smoking and binge drinking by night and facebook stalking my ex by day. It was time to get back out there and what better way to start than a singles night, right? Maybe...

Mysinglefriend.com had teamed up with the Flower Council of Holland to throw a tongue in cheek soiree at the beautiful Fulham Palace Garden centre (review here) following some research they had collated, comparing the suitability of mates to plants (perhaps not one for the sceptics). Research released by the Flower Council of Holland and dating website mysinglefriend.com showed that people who share their homes with at least one houseplant are viewed by prospective partners as better lovers. Jess and I have one plant in our flat, which is regularly on the brink of death and looks very sad most of the time until we finally remember to drown it with three months worth of water. However, not to be deterred by my poor plant skills I decided that there could be some truth in this plant match-making malarkey.


We arrived somewhat apprehensive and were greeted with a choice of stickers, between “I give the best cuddles”, “100% wild at heart” and "I always get what I want". Like most people at the party we made a beeline for the bar where there was a selection of delicious ‘themed’ cocktails- Katie, my ‘single friend’ enjoyed the ‘Strong Balls’ whilst I was rather taken by the “Fulham Flirtini”; a cosmopolitan disguised with a more regional name. The setting was perfect for the party as we could gaze at the garden centre goodies (and plants) whilst sussing out our potential green fingered guys. Sadly neither of us left with an Alan Titchmarsh type in tow but enjoyed the cocktails and atmosphere enormously.


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