Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How do you like your eggs in the morning...

There is nothing more leisurely than enjoying a late breakfast/brunch with a friend at the weekend, especially now January is nearly over and the retox can resume. Jess and I have sampled several of the favourite sw6 brunch spots and have discovered a variety of options to suit all tastes and budgets. Here is our rundown of the best breakfast in Fulham:

Love Walk

This place is really cute, set in a small premises, an adjoining yard, and sprawling over plenty of pavement place, this little brunch and lunch spot has loads of outdoor seating, pretty nice wooden table and chair sets, hanging baskets galore and a brunch menu that goes on and on. There are all your traditional breakfast options (eggs done every which way, Full English, Veggie English, patisseries, yoghurt and muesli etc...) as well as some more unusual options like the 'Turkish Breakfast'. You could go there with a whole gang of fussy eaters and I reckon everyone would leave pretty happy. The menu is also extremely reasonable and definitely on the cheap end of the scale for Fulham.


Boma, meaning ‘a safe enclosure’ is a much loved local restaurant come bar on Wandsworth Bridge Road. They serve a mean breakfast menu with Bloody Mary's on tap- ideal in the Summer when the weather is nice or when you just are craving a full English. The quality of the breakfast is always high  but it is on the more expensive side, expect to pay £20 for a full English, coffee and Bloody Mary.


The delicatessen is always groaning with goodies and the brunch menu more extensive and exciting than any of its neighbours. When we visited we were surrounded by plates laden with eggs Benedict, Florentine, Spanish omelettes, pancakes, French omelettes- it was unadulterated porn for brunch lovers. The service is very friendly but do expect to wait for a table- this place is popular!

This Mediterranean gem opposite Del Aziz feels truly authentic. The decor of this deli come restaurant genuinely makes you feel like you could be in grandmas kitchen in a farm house in Tuscany circa 1970- there are old black and white pictures in albums of families laughing and smiling dotted around and various terracotta ornaments. Whether it’s more lunch than brunch or a delicious prosciutto focaccia sandwich you crave, this guarantees to excite not only Italians but Fulhamites alike.

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  1. Thanks for the post - it helped me find somewhere for breakfast. Came up under a 'breakfast Fulham' search - nice stuff!



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