Monday, 18 February 2013

Calorie burning without the boredom

As everyone knows Jess and I are the first girls to put up our hands to try the latest fitness fad and love the variety that SW6 has to offer. Whilst Jess is a Bikram girl through and through I tend to mix up a combination of running (yawn) pilates and spinning. What I really crave though, is an exercise class that I look forward to going to and don't spend the day at my desk dreading. Heaving myself around the park for an hour in the dark following nine hours at my desk takes serious amounts of willpower and motivational encouragement from colleagues. 

However, I think I may have just found an alternative. Last week I visited Slice Studios. This pay as you go fitness studio is a novel offering in social fitness and dance classes, with an innovative selection including vitality-infused Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, 80s Aerobics, Holistic Fusion, Total Body Workout, Core Circuits, Workshops, Dance and Barre Workout classes.

The Slice payment structure works like an Oyster card, allowing fulhamites to suit their lifestyle/ schedule with pay-as-you-go classes with no commitments. The delightful Colby Hanks, a lifelong dancer and choreographer, was inspired to set up a place which drew its members in without being bullied into signing ridiculous binding contracts to then stand and queue for 10 minutes to use a clapped out old treadmill. 

It's ideal for those who, like me, flit between wanting a calorie busting circuit session to a relaxing yoga class and like to mix up workouts to avoid boredom. They are hosting a Launch Party this Thursday so locals can tour the studios and try every class they offer. There will be taster classes, goody bags and the chance to win a FREE six month unlimited membership - not bad!

**For our readers who can't make Thursday but like the sound of Slice, book in for a first free session by quoting 'SouthWestSix' when booking and see what you think!**

11 Heathmans Road
London SW6 4TJ
PH: 020 7186 6007

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