Monday, 25 March 2013

A Very Hot Pod with Hotter Results!

Here in Fulham we have an ABUNDANCE of cool new start-up businesses, so much so that we are compiling a round up of the best, there is obviously something in that South West Thames water. Loving new local businesses and anything independent and passion driven, we were desperate to try out Fulham's latest craze, Hot Pod Yoga

Set up by Nick Higgins and Max Henderson, a yoga teacher and a strategy consultant from London in January this year, this start-up may be fresh out of the womb but it has already received an impressive amount of press coverage and attention. Max and Nick are young, enthusiastic and charming, whilst being relatable and cool, a quality not often associated with yoga. Jess and I both agree that there is nothing worse than turning up to a yoga class and feeling like the home school student who has just joined secondary school and hasn't heard of facebook. There were no die hard yogi cliques and the class felt informal and quite fun, despite the soaring temperatures in the pop up inflatable pod. 

I decided to wear my new Zaggora trousers to the class for an added workout (more on these coming soon) and despite feeling apprehensive was instantly impressed by spacious lay out and cool music inside the pod - a much less rush-hour on the district line feeling than other hot yoga studios. The class was taught by Nick and combined some Vinyasa style flowing moves with a great pilates-esque tummy toning section. Despite the sweat starting to run down my chest which usually distracts me a bit with hot yoga, I really got into it and felt my muscles really start to stretch and work, toning from the inside out. 

The class flew by and we left feeling a million times better at the end than when we had shivered our way there from the bus stop to Hortensia Road. A fun atmosphere, cool concept and brilliant start up which will no doubt grow in popularity at a rapid pace - it got both thumbs up from us and we will definitely be back! They also have a great value launch offer of £10 per class or £80 for 10 classes, and three South West London locations! For more details visit 

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