Thursday, 4 April 2013

Join the Mile High club

My sister lives in East London, and to say she's an evangelist would be an understatement. I'm constantly told how much "cooler" it is over there. How much more "innovative", "creative", about the amazing supperclub she went to the night before. Well, what East can do well I'll wager West will take on and do better, and when it comes to pop-up restaurants, I've a case in point.

A few weeks back, I checked into a glamorous departure lounge in Notting Hill, and one hour, 3 cocktails, and around 10 moose and beetroot canapes later, arrived (in some style) in the heart of Gotenburg. Dine Mile High is the innovative new pop-up restaurant concept dreamed up by 4 cousins from West London. Inspired by the golden age of air travel, each pop-up takes passengers to a different "destination", recreated through fantastic set design, delicious canap├ęs, cocktails and a wonderfully authentic 'local menu'.

The exceptional attention to detail was what made the whole experience so memorable. The staff were local actors and drama students, and right from the check-in desk to the roaming semi-inebriated pilot, who called passengers aboard by name, the act did not slip once. Furnished with boarding passes and passports, we hit the departure lounge bar - earning passport stamps for each drink we sampled - whilst Scandi air hostesses served us with mousse canapes, pickled beetroot and cabbage, and all manner of Swedish delights.

Soon it was time to be called aboard our 'flight', and a few short moments later we were sat in the heart of "Gotenburg". Antlers and elk skins lined the wall, we sat along minimalist wood shared tables, and the cabin crew prepared us for take off. In a very well thought out pastiche of the standard lifejacket-and-exits routine, we were taught the correct way to imbibe and enjoy the meal (always ensure your neighbours glasses are full to the brim, in case you were wondering), and then we began.

Scallops were served with creamy potato puree in sea shells, we shared a smorgasbord of shrimps, salmon and marie rose sauce with our neighbours, and we devoured the elk steak with golden beetroot and chanterelles, rounding off with a scrummy Swedish lingonberry crumble. The menu was delicious - think noma, rather than ikea - and the seating arrangement and amenable hostesses made it a really convivial evening (the half bottle of wine each certainly helped).

The whole concept was fantastically thought out, and great fun to boot. Future departures will take guests to Beirut, Sicily and Mozambique, so make sure to bookmark for when the tickets come out. This is certainly one frequent flyers club I'd recommend joining!

Dine Mile High
Next departures: 1-4th and 8-11th May 2013: Beirut.

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