Wednesday, 4 April 2012

And a pub meal in the Pear Tree...

As has been catalogued here multiple times, one of my favourite things to do on a Sunday afternoon is to enjoy a long lunch with friends at one of the many fantastic pubs this little neck of West London has to offer. I love pubs with a bit of a unique atmosphere, an interesting menu and on a day like last Sunday, a well thought-out garden area is a bonus too.

Having been tipped off to The Pear Tree in Baron’s Court a few months ago by a friend of ours on Twitter (thanks, @nadiramakeup) I had been meaning to check it out for a while. A sunny afternoon and a friend who lives on the Picadilly Line provided the perfect opportunity to explore gastropubs new.

A 5 minute walk away from Baron’s Court, the Pear Tree has a very traditional exterior that stands out all the more for being surrounded by a fair amount of 1970s concrete. Once inside, a really traditional shabby-chic vibe is taken on through: all off- white tablecloths, heavy lampshades and a massive mahogany bar front and centre. It feels slightly kitsch, slightly 1940s tea room and it’s a feel that I thought was fun, quirky, and a welcome relief from the usual gastropub formula.

The service was really friendly, and the menu was an interesting mix of pub favourites (such as the roast) and twists on the expected. A decent scotch egg is pretty standard fare amongst Fulham gastro-pubs these days, but the black pudding scotch egg at the Pear Tree was a deliciously rich take on the popular bar snack. However, the twist may have been taken a little too far with the honey and mustard dressing which was served (thankfully) on the side, as I really didn’t think it went well. However, tastes differ and the scotch egg on its own was superb. As were the fish of the day croquettes my companion started the meal with.

The main courses were really hearty and original. I really enjoyed my rolled chicken with parma ham and stuffing, served with a green bean, shallot and quails egg salad. The rump steak with roasted new potatoes and root vegetables got the thumbs up too.

2 white wine spritzers, and bread basket and two fairly hearty courses down we didn’t have space to sample the dessert, but we had a great meal, and judging by the parties at the tables around us, they’re regularly churning out happy customers. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

The Pear Tree
14 Margravine Road. London W6 8HJ

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