Friday, 13 April 2012

Bom Buraya...calling all SW6 hispanophiles!

I am not sure whether this local favourite on Wandsworth Bridge Road has had a refurbishment, a new chef, new management or just a mini make-over but Il Sitio, or La Cuenta as it was formerly known, is better than ever. 

I previously reviewed La Cuenta (review here) and was somewhat disappointed with the food quality and general ambiance, but things seemed to have really turned around at this authentic Spanish tapas bar & restaurant.  I visited last week with my housemate and we were pleasantly surprised, firstly with the decor and fantastic atmosphere but more importantly with the food.

The bar was buzzing and the staff were jolly and spirited from the moment we walked in, a far cry from the empty, slightly soulless restaurant I visited a year ago. The menu has been pared back to simple yet delicious tapas- a particular favourite being the lucky dip pardon peppers. As my flatmate said, her dad loves them so much because you never know when you will bite into a spicy one and the suspense is as exciting as the taste! 



The chef may still be the same as previously and perhaps we visited on a bad day last year but the changes that have been made are most definitely for the better. It’s great having a cheap and cheerful, lively Spanish local on our doorstep and I urge you to try it, whether you are a hispanophile or not- especially on Thursday evening’s when they have flamenco dancing! 

146 Wandsworth Bridge Road, Fulham, London, SW6 2UH

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