Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Sticking with the theme...

If you are an avid follower of SouthWestSix you may notice a trend emerging, this is something that has been more accidental than planned but nevertheless it has been an exciting culinary journey. Jess is a tapas expert having lived in Spain for a year and has educated me on a cuisine that I would never normally opt for. Thanks to some new openings and some old favourites I have been enlightened to Spanish cuisine and therefore last week I bravely decided to try tapas without Jess on Wandsworth Bridge Road.

La Cuenta markets itself as a fun and authentic Spanish tapas bar- the location is walking distance from home and bang in the middle of Wandsworth Bridge Road, therefore making it a convenient choice for a Sunday evening supper. Now I have to be honest with this post, I have been spoiled previously with the likes of Tendido Cuatro and its sister restaurants (see reviews here) and I was slightly disappointed when the spread of tapas arrived at our table. We ordered a big selection of meats, prawns, calamari etc and the food was fine, but I left with that familiar pang that happens when you visit Harrods and then realize you can’t afford anything and return across the road to Topshop. Tendio Cuarto really is the Harrods in this case and although I love Topshop I just couldn’t help reminiscing back to those glory days when Jess and I were eating the most mouth wateringly delicious and flavoursome tapas dishes I had ever encountered only a stone’s throw away on the New Kings Road.
Now the reason that this review may seem a little harsh is that La Cuenta is not cheap, not by any means. The tapas dishes are priced between £5-£10 which left us with quite a hefty bill considering I only had one glass of wine. I have pictured our tapas so you can see the presentation and portion size- there was nothing really wrong with the food (bar the garlic bread-straight out of the freezer), it just wasn’t exciting and served the purpose of filling a hole as opposed to gastronomically wowing us. We were also unlucky in that the restaurant was empty and so lacked any atmosphere and our waitress obviously would have rather been anywhere else (constantly texting) than there. Having said that I am a big believer in supporting the local businesses in favour of the chains and so I may give it another go.....either that or I will save my pennies and head back to Harrods.

146 Wandsworth Bridge Road London SW6 2UH - 020 7736 0707

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