Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A Royal Riot in SW6 (and beyond)...

We've had the Kate and Wills fridge, the Kate and Wills sick bag, the false nails, the Kate Barbie and even a Royal ring of a different kind... The pubs and restaurants of London would be mad not to cash in on the occasion too, especially as the Met forecast for this Friday does not look to be kind on the hordes hanging out in Hyde Park, or desperately seeking a view of the Royal Carriage on Pall Mall.

You won't catch us camping outside Buckingham Palace, like this mad Wandsworth resident who started his cold and lonely vigil today. The local choices in Fulham and a bit beyond are plentiful... so read ahead to find a right Royal jamboree near you.

The Jam Tree on the Kings Road will have that amazing beer garden up and running for business from 10am, and will be serving a special Royal wedding brunch until 12pm.  They've also got big screens, £15 pitchers of Pimms (what else to toast the happy couple?) and you'll be able to sample a Wills burger and a Kate Salad. This place is bound to be packed, so if the weather does look nice and you'd like an outdoor table, we'd book ahead or stake your claim at 10am sharp.

We've mentioned the street party organised by The Sands End on the blog before. Having had more details we can safely say it's going to be quite the knees-up. The Sands End have had permission to shut off an entire block of road, and will set up a long table with union jack bunting, position 2 outdoor barbecues and will have several big screens broadcasting the happy couple. A steel drum band will also be adding to the festivities throughout the day.

The Durrell Arms will be hosting a special £10 Royal Wedding Breakfast to start you off, before finishing the evening with a classic cheesy Royal Wedding disco in their Great Hall. Just close your eyes and pretend you're in the palace...

The Hollywood Arms, purveyors of some of the best cocktails around the Fulham Road, are also getting in on the action. This fun little place will be full to the rafters with people watching the ceremony on one of the three big screens and toasting Kate and Wills with a martini.

Having seen the hordes in The Ship beer garden over the Easter weekend, we're sure the atmosphere will be electric at this riverside favourite. In the name of Great British Tradition, The Ship will have some special guests of a rather different kind. As recently as 2006, the old brewery used to make local beer deliveries using Dray Horses, and the gentle giants will be back during the Royal Wedding festivities. This makes The Ship the ideal family friendly options for the day. Just clear the kiddies before 8pm, as from experience this is when the local yuppies start making some pretty "groovy moves" on the table tops. It's sure to be raucous!

And as if the extra Bank Holiday wasn't enough, Dave & Co have given local businesses (and us!) another Royal Wedding present. The Home Office has told Landlords that they can extend their opening hours until 0100 BST without needing to apply for special licence. Cheers to that!

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