Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Get your Cape, you've pulled

Abel Lusa, the creator behind Cambio de Tercio (and also Tendido Cero and Tendido Cuatro, which we LOVED and reviewed here) has his the jackpot once again. Already having London's most extensive wine list to his name, at his first venture Cambio de Tercio, Lusa has recreated the typical Andalucian sherry and tapas bar, and thrown in London's largest sherry offering to boot.

Having spent a short while living in Seville as an Erasmus student, I can say that I have been to my fair share of authentic Andalucian tapas, and he has transported the concept pretty faithfully. Despite the gaping canyon in price points (I seem to remember getting pretty amazing tapas in my local for 2 euros, tapas at Capote are northwards of £4.50) I was thrilled to see that sherry had managed to escape the drinks list and permeate the cooking as well, featuring in many of the delicious tapas dishes. Although stylish, the tables and chairs were suitably plain so as not to detract from the deep red walls covered in old photographs, bullfighting memorabilia, a wall of wines and some rustic barrels.

Whilst my old favourite the humble solomillo (a small but tender pork chop, preferably done in a whisky or sherry-based sauce) did not feature I couldn't wait to tuck into the pimientos de padron (stuffed sweet red peppers) and my unadventurous, but always delicious favourite, garlic prawns.

In the end, between the two of us we ate:

Goats Cheese Salad
Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Ox Tail (definite recommendation!)
Garlic Prawns
Traditional Albondigas (Meat Balls)

Sarah drank a glass of rose, and I asked for a sherry recommendation (of course!) from the staff and sampled the Colosia Amontillado, which is a fairly potent sherry that still tastes medium-light and refreshing.

Capote y Toros
157 Old Brompton Road

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