Sunday, 12 February 2012

Blue Moon, I saw you standing alone...

That dreaded V word has come around faster than usual and soon SW6 will be full of couples holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes and clutching roses. However, if you are not blissfully loved up you don’t need to hibernate at home stalking your ex on facebook, eating pizza and wondering where it all went wrong.

The Hurlingham Pub on Wandsworth Bridge Road is putting on a ‘Valium-times day Party’ on Tuesday 14th which promises to be “dating gone mad”. A bevy of “hot people” (this is yet to be confirmed) can enjoy drinks and canapés, a weird fact bingo, speed quiz, board games and entertainment from two comedians.

Prior to attending the sw6 singletons have to send a picture of themselves, a weird fact and buy a £3 present for a blind pick and present mix. Whether you are mingling with David Gandy and his mates or not, it promises to be a hilarious evening that will ensure you’re laughing on Valentine’s Day as opposed to sobbing into your ice cream.

Tickets are £20 and have to be purchased in advance. With every ticket you buy you get one free for a ‘fit member of the opposite sex’ too so perfect for taking a boy mate for some moral support. Tickets also include a free drink and canapes. 

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