Monday, 27 February 2012

Boxing the bulge at Sands End Ladies ABC

We're always on the look out for new ways to keep fit, healthy and to manage the bulge in Fulham and Chelsea, but I don't think I've had a workout yet like the one I got last weekend at the Sands End Ladies ABC.

Set up by local ladies Jennifer Hunter and Staica Read and sponsored by the Mayor of London's FREESPORT programme, this free class takes place every Saturday from 2 to 3:30pm at the Hurlingham and Chelsea School, Peterborough Road. The session starts with a quick overview of the basic boxing moves: jabs, punches, hooks, parries and blocks. The emphasis is on correct technique as well as building awareness around posture, footwork and keeping your guard. Boxing is much more complex than it looks are there are lots of nuances that will make sure you get maximum power, and avoid hurting yourself! We then paired up to practice simple routines, all non-contact, before hitting the punch bags, weights and a pretty gruelling floor routines of squats, crunches and stretches. The coaches are incredibly supportive and encouraging, making sure we were all pushing ourselves as hard as we could but that the session remained light hearted and fun. There's lots of laughter and joking around, and a pretty awesome soundtrack, but you definitely feel the burn!

Boxing is not the exercise that springs to mind for must of us girls when we're considering our fitness options, but it provides a really full on workout for your whole body, and helps build awareness, coordination, agility and some properly hard biceps and abs. The sessions are non-contact (no black eyes here!) and everyone there was incredibly friendly and encouraging, and a whole mix of ages and abilities. Just remember to do a thorough warm-down before going to bed that evening - my arms were still aching 48 hours afterwards!

The classes are totally free, and it's a fun way to get a really thorough workout in a really friendly group. Take a mate and check it out - you've got nothing to lose!

Sands End Ladies ABC
Sports Hall, Hurlingham and Chelsea School
Peterborough Road
Saturday 2-3:30pm. Classes FREE


  1. well that is one way to keep up with those army boys!
    seriously tempted to give it a go.


  2. You can work all of your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system and they are designed to give you maximum benefits from even just a short time of abdominal exercise.



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