Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Me really, really heart sushi

For most mid-range restaurants, passing trade is a really big deal. Customer interest is piqued by walking past a place and seeing it heaving with happy clientele. If you’re off the beaten track, you probably have to work that little bit harder and develop a reputation: the other massive tool in piquing consumer interest. I often feel bad for the restaurants based in Imperial Wharf. Hidden away from Townmead Road in a smart, but slightly apart, housing development, the only passing trade they can count on are residents, and many of those appear to be fairly absentee. However, the one advantage is: those restaurants really have to work harder and develop a reputation. Imperial Wharf newbie Blue Elephant developed a fantastic one over all those years at Fulham Broadway, and can rely on it to tempt customers into their quieter riverside location in South Fulham. Having sampled the delicious food at Yamal Alsham too, it’s clear that restaurant is betting their success on developing word of mouth recommendations about how god damn tasty their dishes are. Today, I’d like to throw in another recommendation. You’ve got to check out the amazing Japanese food at Me Love Sushi.

The restaurant interior is slick and fairly minimalist, but it benefits from a large bar area out front with all the usual cocktails, comfy sofas and a surprisingly decent price point (£6.50 for a mojito is not bad going in Fulham). What it lacks in buzzy atmosphere, my Wednesday evening visit found the restaurant pretty quiet, it certainly makes up for once the food lands on your table. I visited with a strict vegetarian, and our vegetable tempura was beautifully light and fresh tasting – none of the oily, broiled rubbish you often find. We followed with delicious pumpkin fritters, served with a deliciously fresh and sharp dipping sauce and a full variety of rainbow vegetable futomaki. Considering sushi restaurants usually square their offering at fish-lovers (makes sense really) I was pleasantly surprised at the huge variety available for those not so keen on our sea-dwelling friends. There are interesting spicy meat and vegetable salads, noodles and rice dishes, as well as an enormous range of seafood. In fact the range in general was fantastic, and many dishes were exciting and inventive. Soft-shell crab, deep red salmon and fresh tuna all featured heavily and my favourite dish had to be my soft shell crab tempura futomaki, which was a fab mix of fresh, soft and crunchy, all at once.

The prices are fairly high. But the quality is undeniable. I think it would be great for a quick girly catch up with friends, especially if you indulged in a few of the cocktails at the bar first. I took advantage of their 2 for 1 offer with Tastecard: half the price equals twice as nice!

Me Love Sushi
8 The Boulevard
Imperial Wharf
Townmead Road
London SW6 2UB

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