Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Pizza Fit for a Princess

I have visited Bunga Bunga a couple of times since its highly anticipated opening but only for drinks and karaoke on a Friday night and so was beyond delighted to be invited to sample the full Berlusconi themed experience, from cocktails to cabaret. It is imperative to book well in advance as word has spread about this no holds barred Battersea business and queue’s tail around the block to gain entry into this salacious den of dancing and debauchery. Set up by two young ‘it crowd’ entrepreneurs, the attention to detail is similar to their previous ventures- Maggie’s and Barts- it knows no bounds particularly when it comes to taste, in Bunga Bunga the naffer the better.


The evening we visited could not have been a better night to witness Bunga Bunga at its best. On the table to our right Jess and I rubbed shoulders/gawped unashamedly at Princess Beatrice, James Middleton and the co-owner himself, Charlie Gilkes. The atmosphere was oozing with the best of British breeding and the room soon began to resemble Tatler’s most eligible bachelor hotlist as opposed to Battersea Bridge Road locals. By our second Aperol Spritz Jess and I, fresh out of a 9 hour day at the office and one hour commute on the tube, started to feel distinctly unglamorous. Insecurity aside we soon diverted our attentions to our strikingly handsome waiter and the mouth watering, giggle inducing menu.


We started with a selection of Aperitivo bites to share, which included a traditional juicy bruschetta, a selection of cured meats and Zucchine Fritti. Full of flavour and unashamedly delicious we started to devour the whole lot whilst enjoying a medley of entertainment, pausing momentarily to feel somewhat guilty whilst watching the extremely svelte burlesque dancers rouse the crowd, we decided that the food tasted too good to worry about the calories. Having spied a group of birthday celebrating girls eating the Parmigiana di Melanzane I opted for that to follow, whilst Jess had the ‘Untouchable Nancy’ Pizza. Feeling fairly full already we worked our way though the dishes over a bottle of Italian white whilst being serenaded by a double act crooner and accordion maestro.


Bunga Bunga is a guaranteed fun evening to lift even the gloomiest of spirits and dispel any winter blues. The food is fresh, fun and delicious, the service feisty, flirty and fast and the entertainment hilarious and cheesy in equal measures. It’s ideal for birthdays, groups of friends and girls nights out, yet has none of the stress or pressure which is often accompanied with ‘clubbing’ and organized fun. Another great addition to Battersea and hopefully a pioneer for many more to come!


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