Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New Kid on the Block

In addition to the rumours that have been circulating about a Sainsbury’s Local opening opposite Freshco, there has been some very sad news recently that one of the most loved family owned shops on Wandsworth Bridge Road is closing down, citing ‘tough times’ as the reason. The future is looking pretty bleak for the villagey stretch of SW6 suburbia which is home to so many independent and individual quirky shops and restaurants. 

Normally adopting a happy go lucky- isn’t Fulham Fab- attitude on the blog, I’m sorry to start this post so negatively. I really want to remind local Sands End residents that if we don’t support the independent businesses in the area, they will soon be overtaken by corporate owned, mass producing chains. Wandsworth Bridge Road will begin to resemble some of the less salubrious South London suburbs and not keep the quirky SW6 character and community that we all love. 


Anyway rant over, last week I visited the latest opening on Wandsworth Bridge Road; the very cool and contemporary ‘ThaiPhoon’. Launched by a charming couple, Max and Pye, this Thai restaurant is part of a new generation of Asian dining. Gone is the cat strangling pan piped soundtrack, the bladder bursting water feature and the fogged up fish tank- Max and Pye have kept it simple, combining exotic Asian colours and prints with minimalist warehouse chic furniture. 


Max is fully aware of the overpricing that is so prevalent in Fulham and has put together a competitively priced and creative menu- with dishes that range from a ‘Hangover Remedy’ to the particularly popular ‘Lamb Shank Massamun’ choosing one dish is virtually impossible. We ordered the ‘Lost in Thaiphoon’ for three people to start and enjoyed a selection of mixed starters, favouring the pork dim sum and chicken satay. To follow we had a Pad Thai, Chilli Basil Kaprow with prawns and a chicken Hangover Remedy, all of which we ‘plattered’ (adding the option of the Thaipoon platter supplement for the extra greedy). 


The delicious food was the perfect combination of spicy and sweet, the thai flavours were warming and satisfying and we felt very full, fat and happy. Max and Pye have done a great job with the decor, service, menu and branding of this place- it’s unique yet authentic and fun yet delicious. Our bill was by no means eye watering and we even were tempted by the mini supermarket at the back with the ‘make it at home’ curry paste and sauces. Thaiphoon do takeaways but sadly don’t deliver- it really is a fantastic addition to the area and I hope that they find success with their new venture.



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