Friday, 14 January 2011

Date with the Ex Boyfriend- The Ship, Wandsworth on a Tuesday night.

The reason I state the day is because this pub has many personas, depending on the day and time. I will do a separate review for a Sunday night as it is a completely different experience.
Dinner: We ate- Steak for me (£20), burger for him (£15ish)
Drank: Yummy Sauvignon Blanc for me (3 x large glasses, not sensible but I had had a long day at work), corona beer for him
The food was good, it is expensive for pub grub, but the meat was good quality, cooked to request and served with a good portion of salad, tomatoes, mushrooms and chips- Very filling. The Ex said his burger was good, although not one of the best he has had apparently.
The restaurant room at the back of the pub is quiet and intimate (there is a massive roaring fire in the middle of the room so take layers and pre book a table not next to the fire to avoid a sweaty betty situation).
It is a good pub for a first date as is not too busy and has cosy corners for privacy, but then after dinner you can move into the main bar area for more of a buzz. The crowd was a bit random and eclectic which made a refreshing change from the horary henries....I would go again, but after pay day.

The Ship
41 Jews Row, Wandsworth
London. SW18 1TB

T: 020 8870 9667

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