Friday, 14 January 2011

Joe's Brunch Brasserie

I have been here a few times, usually with the same girl...there is a reason for this.
The first time we went in the Summer of 2010, we were sitting outside, sipping house white wine spritzers and the waiter came to take our order. My friend visibly melted. The waiter is an aspiring actor bad boy type and has bulging muscles and...... is also Irish, cue swoon. So we finish our salads, she barely eats hers (mine was average and quite overpriced) and goes inside to the loo about 10 times to get a glimpse of him. We are ready to leave and still no joy, this is where I get roped into traipsing inside with her number on a piece of paper asking him to call her....he looks totally unfazed as I expect this happens a lot to him.
Anyway he did call, they did meet up, and we still go there for overpriced Saturday lunch when we feel like some people watching on Wandsworth Bridge Road, and Irish aspiring actor flirting. The food is mediocre, but in the Summer there is always a fun and buzzy atmosphere, much less so in the Winter sadly.

Joe's Brasserie

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