Friday, 14 January 2011

Nails fit for a Princess

my friend enjoying her pedi
Ok so a little background- I am quite obsessed with nails, hands and feet. I have had several pedicures in the South West area and try to treat myself once a month, however, it is so expensive. I also own an array of nail polishes and shamefully get excited when Chanel release a new limited edition colour.
My pedi habit was revolutionised when I found Princess Nails near Fulham Broadway. It’s cheap, it’s thorough, it’s quick and makes for a perfect Saturday afternoon activity with a friend. The chair/bed things you sit in give you a nice massage, they have Radio 1 blaring so you can bob along to the latest hits and a selection of, albeit out of date, trashy magazines. They also do beauty treatments; the pretty dark haired polish girl that does the eyebrow tinting is also very good.
Prices- start from about £15 for a pedicure, £6 for eyebrow tint

Princess Nails
131 Walham Green Court, Fulham
London, SW6 2DG

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