Friday, 14 January 2011

Duke on the Green - Low key Friday night drinks

This pub gets quite a bad rep, mainly for its location. I semi like it, it’s walking distance so I end up there more than I would ideally like.
The wine is nice, the gin and tonics are also nice....overall the pub is quite....nice. There is no tangible character or unique selling point, the crowd is varied, we always hope to meet some nice looking men, and never do. There are usually some drunk guys outside in the smoking area, the bar staff are very friendly (one was a little too friendly with my sister, I think he was the manager). It is always busy with people drinking red wine and playing board games....but overall it is underwhelming, however, it does boast a prime location. I will go and try the food and come back to you.

Duke on the Green
235 New King's Road

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