Friday, 14 January 2011

I'm a total coupon maven. My not-so-secret guilty secret is that every day my inbox is flooded with a selection of offers from Groupon, Living Social, thedailychic.... pretty much every coupon site out there. Each morning starts with a battle of the wills between my greedy sleep-addled brain and the debit card that is currently burning a hole inside my wallet. My eyes pop at the prospect of getting 60% off that full body, deep-tissue, antioxidising massage that I definitely do not need, my trigger happy fingers hop, skip and jump through PayPal and before I know it I have a stack of voucher codes I'll never get round to using.
So after wasting hours of my life (and getting a few angry looks from my boss) perusing thousands of vouchers entitling me to everything from a £10 manicure in Croyden, to a £100 IPL course in Fulham Broadway (more on that later) I began to wish I could aggregate deals on an even-more specific basis that just 'London'.

Tra-laaaa! Introducing my new all-time favourite deals website! MyLoDeals susses you out deals practically by postcode. So now, much to my joy (and my boss's relief), I'm presented daily with three deals right on my doorstep. For instance, today my humble co-author bought two out of three deals (a £40 spa package including manicure, pedicure, facial and massage from Svetlana, and a £23 cut and blowdry from Copper) and we've worked out that she could walk to each from home within 10 minutes! There's no way you'd waste coupons that easy to redeem.

It's also incredibly useful when you've dedicated your spare time to exploring and reviewing pretty much all your girly local services (a tough job we know, but somebody's got to try out all those massage and nail bars....) to get a healthy chunk of your bills!

We'll let you know how all those haircuts, manicures and waxes work out for us!

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