Friday, 14 January 2011

Girls' Dinner @ Del'Aziz Fulham Broadway

My friend chose this location for a school girlfriend reunion because she once went there on a date and was impressed with the belly dancer. 
We were 6 girls who were best friends at school and now spread across the globe (Italy, Berlin, various travels along the way) so rarely get together as a group. One common factor still remains 7 years on, a love of white wine and so we were set for some Moroccan food, belly dancing and good times.
Decor: Semi-Authentic
Service: A bit computer says no (we ordered the set menu and when we couldn’t face pudding we asked to have a drink instead- at which point we faced a true Little Britain response).
Food: Filling, fun, flavoursome - we each had a variety of options from the set menu (quite reasonable at 3 courses for £19.50). Big portions so bring your appetite and some Extra gum as it is quite garlicky.
Overall Impression: Perfect for this type of event - the relaxed atmosphere lends itself perfectly to a group - we were noisy, up and down from the table for fag breaks, taking pictures, telling rude stories, none of which seemed to faze any of the staff or other diners.
They belly dancer wasn't there- this was disappointing.

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