Friday, 18 February 2011

Football Match and Girls Night = A surprisingly good combination

Wednesday night rolled around and the mid week work blues were setting in, so a girls dinner was promptly arranged and after a brief stint of google searching ‘gastro pub Fulham’ a new venue was decided upon, The Kings Arms on New Kings Road (by Putney Bridge). I spoke to the manager prior to arrival to book a table and was warned that a rather significant football match was due to take place that evening, but he said the dinner service would resume as normal and it wouldn’t be a disturbance....hmmmm.

After profusely apologizing to the girls for choosing a less salubrious venue for our girlie catch up mid week supper, we settled down among about 30 men and a massive projector and booming football commentary (Yes we know, we were warned). Anyway, one of my girlfriends is now in a very loved up committed relationship with a die hard Arsenal fan and was delighted that she could watch the match(!!!) during dinner. I will now tell you that this review will be a before and after, as the manager informed me that they are about to embark on a several thousand pound refurbishment and will have two new chefs- he assured me it would be a very different environment post refurb. So here we go, the before....

The chicken wings that we shared to start were really tasty (and very reasonably priced) but they did come out cold initially, however, the staff were so apologetic and compensated us with a free bottle of wine so it was not a problem at all. We then had a salad each, one beef, one chicken ceaser and one greek with lamb kofta- all of which we fine, nothing exceptional but not bad in any way. I must confess though that this menu is not of the swanky high price gastro pub variety, it has a selection of simple pub grub dishes all of which are under £10 and so you can't really complain.

The wine flowed and once the match had called at 90 minutes it was extra time for the girls! We were soon approached by a fun group of guys who bought us drinks and kept us entertained for the next hour by telling silly jokes, playing games and trading opinions on local establishments. By this point my loved up friend had left and my best friend and I were given a free round of Jaeger Bombs (on a Wednesday OUCH) by the friendly manager! We ended up having a very merry time with our charming new friends and eventually staggered out somewhat worse for wear at about midnight. I didn’t LOVE the food or venue but I loved the staff and atmosphere and will definitely be one of the first to return post refurbishment!

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