Thursday, 3 February 2011

Embargo 59 a.k.a Embargos

I tentatively write this review, bearing in mind this establishment has a marmite quality for most. Boasting an unassuming location on the corner of Lotts Road and Kings Road, passers by would mistake this as a decadent antique shop that their grandmother would love- however, come 11pm it is a very different story. The things that are brilliant, in my opinion, about Embargos are listed below.

-The staff- if you don’t act like a t**t and be rude, try to haggle free entry (they do not give free entry unless you are on a pre-registered guest list and arrive before 11) they are actually hilarious. They are funny, friendly and quite caring (you would be surprised how much the bouncers check/monitor to see that girls are not putting themselves in dangerous situations).

-The guarantee- Embargos is a guaranteed good night. If you want to go out, have some drinks, have a dance it is local, convenient and does what it says on the tin. It obviously appeals more if you are single because the majority of people in there at the weekend are single. It is guaranteed good music, the Thursday night D.J. in particular is brilliant, the drinks are good (great fish bowls, cocktails, Jaegerbombs), the club itself is clean, the only thing that can be questionable, which they can’t control, is the crowd.

-The Garden/ Terrace- This really comes into its own in the Summer- the garden terrace boasts an outdoor, albeit expensive, bar, lots of seating and outdoor heaters. I love to have a cocktail here, do a bit of people watching and have a fag....

A lot of people think this place is full of idiots and pretentious, but I do beg to differ. It’s not a load of reserved tables where you are by no means allowed to perch let alone sit down. People are not buying magnums of champagne and standing there looking very miserable and ‘pensive’, unlike some other nightclubs. It is a mishmash of (admittedly 70% privately school educated) under 30’s who have probably worked too hard that week, are out with their friends and really just want to blow off some steam, have a dance and if they are lucky get a snog. As I does what it says on the tin.

All images taken from Embargo website-

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