Thursday, 24 February 2011

Mao Tai- Cocktails at their best

I have heard many things about Mao Tai, some rather mixed reviews about the food, but some rave reviews about the cocktails. I was desperate to see what they had on offer as I am becoming somewhat of a cocktail fiend these days having been so fiercely loyal to my gin and tonic previously. The layout of the bar is ideal as it allows you to sit on the high stools and people watch yet it is intimate enough to have a conversation about your most recent date/argument with your boyfriend without feeling encroached upon.

They obviously have certain requirements when hiring their bar staff as 99% of them are deliciously Italian and attractive, chiselled, tanned, perfect smiles, rugged get the picture. The cocktail menu is equally as aesthetically pleasing, it is split into various sections with cute quirky themes and destinations to suit every mood. The decor in Mao Tai is really impressive, light fixtures hang over the long bar decorated with hundreds of thick white feathers almost making you feel that you could be in Shanghai, if it wasn’t for the 22 bus screeching past every eight minutes.

Mao Tai is expensive, the cocktails range from £8-£11 and they add a 12.5% service charge even if you are sitting at the bar, however, in this instance it is a case of getting what you pay for. The bartenders do not rush and take time to carefully describe the various ingredients, tastes and flavours that they are lovingly blending for your pleasure. The result- sweet heaven in a sip, we had one lychee martini and one bramble and both were divine.

Mao Tai-
Good For: Aperitif, dates (if he’s paying), special occasions
Bad For: Before pay day, big groups, pre night out drinks

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