Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bouches Suitably Amused

This establishment has been on the hit list for quite some time, so when I asked my girlfriends if we could go for a quick aperitif pre dinner here I met no resistance.

I could never have predicted what would unfold that evening, a low key Wednesday night supper resulted in my staggering home at half midnight clutching a pizza my friend had made in the restaurant kitchen, a rose and a sprained ankle from some dubious dancing. Anyway, the less said about that the better, onto the review of drinks at Amuse Bouche.

This champagne bar is situated conveniently by Parsons Green tube and has a reputation for attracting wealthy 20 something men at the weekends who are looking to flash their hard earned Liverpool Street cash. I went with my two favourite single girlfriends, but this was a strictly girls only night, we hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks so there was 14 days of job frustrations, first dates and new haircuts to catch up on.

We all started with a glass of the house champagne, this slipped down very easily and it was mere moments before the menu was back out and we were choosing a champagne cocktail. I had a 'Geisha' (£7.50)- it was fizzy, fruity and really quite delectable, my girlfriends both went for an Elderflower Sling (£8.50) which was light and refreshing. The drinks were very good and the atmosphere in the bar was nice, it wasn't too busy and we were able to have an hour of gossiping uninterrupted. I can imagine it might be a different story at the weekend....

Our only criticisms was one moody waitress and being charged incorrectly with the final bill- but this would definitely not deter us from going back. The two drinks cost us £16 each which was not eye watering and so we teetered off merrily to our dinner reservation, blissfully unaware of the carnage that was about to commence two bottles of wine later-all part of the fun of a single girl living in Fulham!

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