Sunday, 6 February 2011

All The Single Ladies......

Come the F**K on Bridget!

As the single half of this blogging duo I have decided to put together a Top 5 to do list for the dreaded Monday evening that is looming next week.

Valentines Day, a difficult day of the year to navigate for single ladies in London. If it's a thirsty Thursday or weekend it can be brilliant as all the singletons are out on the town and hopefully feeling more romantically inclined. You can be certain that if you are in a nightclub in the SW region on Valentines Day the vast majority of men in there will be single. However, 2011 poses a dilemma-the day of love falls on the notoriously depressing and dull Monday night.

Stereotypically my Monday nights are made up of legs bums and tums classes, nail painting, chicken kievs and glee. On principal I feel I cannot pretend that Valentines Day isn't existing and stay in the safety of my flat and so I have dragooned my best friend into an evening of fun- yet to be decided. Therefore I have composed a top 5 to do list for girls who are not in a Bridget Jones ice cream/ Alsation eating mood but bearing in mind it is a Monday night:

#1 Quiz + Cocktails
Fail safe sex and the city activity, the first suggestion was always going to revolve around alcohol- I recently a very reasonably priced and delicious cosmopolitan at The Drayton Arms in Chelsea, and on Monday nights they have a quiz night thereby minimal risk of smooching couples!

#2 Bikram Yoga
OK so whilst the couples might be getting hot and sweaty in the bedroom why not do something new, good for you and guaranteed to make you giggle- Bikram Yoga in Parsons Green always has special offers on. A bit of sweaty yoga and a glass of vino after at one of the many P Green drinking establishments!

#3 Pedicures
This would inevitably sneak onto the list as I have an obsession with grooming my hands and feet, but there is a very cute salon on Wandsworth Bridge Road 'Totally Tips and Toes' which I am yet to try which is open until 7pm. Leave work promptly at 5.30 head there for a pedi with your bessie and enjoy some pampering. Then afterwards you can go home get a takeaway and watch Bridget Jones!

#4 Learn the language of love
A bit of brief research has informed me that I can get Italian language lessons on my doorstep (Parsons Green). What better way to spend the day of love than brushing up on your Italian- you may even meet a gorgeous teacher who you fall madly in love with who whisks you off to Rome for romantic weekends......yeh OK unlikely but you never know!

#5 Sit in darkness, be entertained and stuff yourself with popcorn
This is a fail safe Monday night activity for Valentines- Fulham Broadway Cinema have a selection of chic flicks showing next week (A little bit of heaven, The Dilemma, Burlesque). There is a high couples risk with this option but hopefully if the film is girlie enough you may get away with it. A good cheesy chic flick and some popcorn alleviates the staying in sobbing into your pillow scenario without actively forcing yourself to have lots of fun.

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