Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Janets Bar - Janet can keep it

So, I get what this place is and isn’t trying to be. It’s definitely unpretentious, and the free popcorn and live music was a nice touch. However, it’s really not to my taste. It’s a long, thin place absolutely full to brimming with people, with a real international vibe. In fact, it really reminded me of my Erasmus year abroad. The walls were covered in print-out posters and photographs, the clientele very dressed down, and the bar very well stocked. It looks kinda cheap, but kinda fun. Remembering that there are loads of foreign students based around South Ken I eagerly attacked the bar thinking I’d get myself a cocktail in central London at a decent price. And this was what totally ruined it for me. I don’t mind if something is unpretentious and low key. In fact I commend such a place for existing just round the corner from somewhere like Boujis which prides itself on extorting money from the banker crowd.

What I do object to, is NINE BLOODY POUNDS FIFTY for a really standard drink, in a pretty tiny glass. I could get myself a beautifully presented, well mixed and brilliantly thought out cocktail for that amount in a many other neighbouring bars. I was really looking forward to my Appletini – and it did taste fairly good – but I was disappointed that it was served in a tiny little tumbler, and that the tumbler was barely half full.

The rest of my party did kind of enjoy themselves – the place is laid back, open late, and probably perfect if you’ve already had a few too many, as most of us had – but the common consensus was that the drinks really weren’t worth the prices paid. It’s almost all we could talk about in the brief time we were there.

I will not be going back. Especially as just the briefest bit of Googling shows the Janet bar-staff up for a pretty nasty bunch. I would urge any of you considering going to ponder the response of the bar to these reviews posted to independent website ViewLondon

If you can’t take criticism – sort your act out or ignore it. But don’t start laying into your paying customers. Especially when your customers are paying through the nose.

All in all, not too bad, but not as polished as I would personally have liked. Horrendously over-priced. I won’t be going back.

Janets Bar
Nearest tube: South Kensington
30 Old Brompton Road

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