Friday, 4 February 2011

February Wish List - hitting SW6 this month

So we are officially over January, everyone's most depressing month... hurrah! So in the brighter light of the latter end of Winter, here are the things we'll (hopefully) be getting up to in February...

1. Hitting The Rose for Tuesday night open-mic sessions... who knows, we could find Fulham's next hot talent (musically, or looks-wise... either will do!).

2. Absolutely rinsing my recently acquired TasteCard - essential to keep those blogposts flowing whilst avoiding bankruptcy. First up, we'll be sampling as much local sushi as we can muster, from Ukai in Clapham Junction, to Me <3 Sushi at Imperial Wharf. We'll let you know what we think.

3. Still on the Asian theme - we're turning into veritable little Geishas this month - we're desperate to try the oriental-inspired cocktail and dim-sum menu at up-scale eatery Mao Tai on the New Kings Road. Already licking my lips at the sound of This Side of Paradise... Champagne, dark rum, lime and maraschino... sparkling, refreshing and decadent.

4.. Checking out our much acclaimed local theatre, the quirky and independent Finborough. With tickets from £9 to £15, and top young British writers, it would be criminal not to sample some more refined SW6 culture. As much as we kid ourselves, trying out the latest cocktail additions at Embargo's is not going to enrich our souls much - just our toxin levels.

5. Who knew we had a Michelin-starred local? Tables at The Harwood are notoriously hard to come by, but when your greedy taste-buds are calling out for something that bad... Well, you'll do a lot to get it. Let's see how it goes.

Sounds good right?! What have you got planned for the next month?

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